Keikoba (Main Dojo)

  Okayama city, Okayama prefecture, JAPAN

  Practice hours: Saturday afternoon



Below are the official branches of Takenouchi-ryu.


  Maniwa branch ( Ochiai city, Okayama)

  Misaki chuo branch ( Kume county, Okayama)

  Okayama gion branch ( Okayama city, Okayama)

  Niimi branch ( Niimi city, Okayama)

  Kanto branch ( Sagamihara city, Kanagawa)

Learning Process

Takenouchi-Ryu is an ancient martial arts that combats using not only various weapons and bare-hand, but even household goods. Techniques such as follows are inherited.


Koshinomawari (short katana technique), Hade (Jiu-Jitsu), Torite (Arresting technique), Hojo-Jitsu (rope binding technique), Bo-Jitsu (staff technique), Saide (Ken-jitsu = Katana technique), Iai (Katana drawing technique), Naginata-Jitsu( glave technique), So-Jitsu (Spear technique), Jitte-Jitsu (Truncheon technique), Kusarigama-Jitsu (Sickle & Chain technique), Tessen-Jitsu (Iron fan technique), and even techniques using umbrellas and pot lids.


Furthermore, Sakkatsuho (Appuncture point technique), Yakukou (Medical art), Heihou (Strategy & Tactics of war), and Hojutsu (Supernatural art) are inherited as well.


Disciples start their career from Omote geiko. Through hard work and devotion, under the permission of the Headmaster, disciples move to higher ranks as follows. Ura geiko, Tassya, Mokuroku, Jiro, Menjo, and Inka.

To be conferred high ranks, disciples must enter the sacred mountain "Hinokigasen" and accomplish ascetic practices.