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In 1532, Hinoshita Torite Kaisan Takenouchi-ryu(commonly known as Takenouchi-Ryu Jiu-Jitsu) was founded by Takenouchi Nakatsukasa Taifu Hisamori, the lord of Ichinose castle, Haga-gou, in the land of Mimasaka. According to Keisyo-Kogoden(ancient document handed down in the Takeuchi family) it is archived as follows.


Hisamori, worshiped Atago God and secluded himself at Hagagou Sannomiya shrine. At the first year of Tenmon(1532), an old man appeared and told Hisamori he will show him an art. Hisamori stroked him with his 2shaku4sun(approx. 72.3cm) wooden katana, but the old man without moving his ankle, pinned down Hisamori under his knees. Hisamori challenged once again, but was no chance against the unarmed old man. It was a superhuman feat. The old man said "The instant you face your opponent, you keep him dead or alive or make him surrender. This is called Heihou(art of war)". He also said length is useless and broke Hisamori's wooden katana into two and made a short katana. He said "This is a kogusoku when weared". 

It is since then that a short katana has been called a kogusoku. He also took an ivy and granted Mushagarame(samurai tying technique) and named it Hayanawa(rapid rope). Hence, Torite 5kajou(five techniques of arresting), and Koshinomawari kogusoku (armed grappling) was granted by God.


Hisamori's son Hisakatsu was granted the honor of "Hinoshita Torite Kaisan"(The number one user of Torite under the sun) by emperor Go-Mizunoo, in the 6th year of Genna(1620) . Hisakatsu's son Hisayoshi was granted the honor of "Hinoshita Torite Kaisan" by emperor Reigen, and was permitted to use the name "Toichiro" throughout the descendants permanently, in the 3rd year of Kanbun(1663). Takenouchi-ryu was perfectized through three generations. Since then, for nearly 500 years, Takenouchi-ryu has developed into over 30 ryu(a given style with its own curriculum) and has raised several tens of thousands of disciples, and has been called "The origin of Jiu-Jitsu". The keikoba(dojo) of SŌKE(the headmaster/ the headmaster family) hangs the doorplate of "Hinoshita Torite Kaisan" and Soke is named Takeuchi Toichiro. The family head of SŌDENKE(the transmission family) is named Takeuchi Tojuro. They are leading their disciples and are actively teaching, preserving, and spreading the tradition and skills of Takenouchi-ryu. The surrounding area is registered as a designated historic site ”The place of origin of Takenouchi-ryu” by Okayama prefecture.