New Book Released!!! 絶版となり入手困難となった「日本柔術の源流 竹内流」が新装され再出版されました。当時の文章・写真のままに、英訳版も付加された大型本です。是非お手に取って下さい。
"The Origin of Jiu-jitsu Takenouchi-ryu" is the one and only official book from the Takenouchi-ryu headquarters. In addition to the original Japanese text, an English version is added. The English version is not a mere translation but also include information of the overall picture of Japanese ancient martial arts.

How Takenouchi-ryu influenced Japanese martial arts, Judo, and how Jiu-jitsu eventually spread to Brazil and became popular worldwide. The precise history from ancient to modern is now revealed.

In the book appears the ancient legend Miyamoto Musashi to the modern hero Maeda Mitsuyo, and other famous martial artists. The relationships with Takenouchi-ryu and various martial artists are fully explained.

If you enjoy Jiu-jitsu and Judo and want to learn history, this book is for you. If you are interested in Japanese ancient martial arts and samurai, this book is for you. "The Origin of Jiu-jitsu Takenouchi-ryu" is one book a seeker of Jiu-jitsu can never afford to miss.

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The Oldest form of Jiu-Jitsu

Takenouchi-ryu Official Web Page


竹内流宗家(日下捕手開山 竹内流)公式ホームページ

Welcome to the official web page of Hinosita Torite Kaisan Takenouchi-ryu.

This is the web site of SŌKE, the headmaster family of Takenouchi-ryu.

Takenouchi-ryu, is the oldest form of Jiu-jitsu in historical record, and is hence called "The origin of Jiu-jitsu".

Takenouchi-ryu, has several designations such as, "Takenouchi-ryu Kosinomawari", "Takenouchi-ryu Kosinomawari Kogusoku", and "Hinosita Torite Kaisan Takenouchi-ryu" .

Among these, "Hinosita Torite Kaisan Takenouchi-ryu" is a title of honor which only the SŌKE (headmaster family) can use. 


日下捕手開山 竹内流(竹内流宗家)の公式ホームページへようこそ。


竹内流は、「竹内流腰廻」、「竹内流腰の廻り小具足」、「日下捕手開山 竹内流」等の名称で呼ばれています。

このうち「日下捕手開山 竹内流」は、宗家のみに使用を赦された称号です。